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Dear Reader,
I am Nyekazi Omezurike, the Director of Nicefield International School in Port Harcourt.  I am not here to give you cook and bull stories.  I made overN250,000  from my mini importation business within a month.  My award winning guide will teach you how to start mini-importation business right from the comfort of your room and make 6 figures in profit monthly. It is an ebook with practical guide.

Why you should listen to me
I am married with 2 children, a boy and a girl.  I also have a regular job. The economic situation in the country is such that even with your job, you still need something extra to add to your family income.  This led to my making researches online in what I can do to augment my monthly income. In the course of the research, there were several stuffs I saw, both fake and real.  I decided to try out a lot of them like affiliate marketing, data entry and creating blogs, but I couldn’t get anything. Then I continued my search and saw this website on importation from china in 2010. I decided to give it a try, starting with N6,500. My thought was if it was a scam and I lose my N6,500 it will not disturb me too much. I decided to try importing skin tights worth N6,500. To my greatest surprise I got the item within 7 days. Then I gave the skin tights to my sister who is schooling in University of Port Harcourt. She sold it and made a profit of N20,000.  I continued with other range of items, from cloths, human hair, laptops, handbags, shoes, just name it, within a month I had made a profit of N250,000. With the income from the importation business, I have now established a nursery and primary School in Port Harcourt.  You can verify the school, it is called Nicefield International School, Port –Harcourt. It is located at 35 OKEMINI Street, Rumuagholu, Port Harcourt.

For instance I purchased 10 mini Netbook laptops at the cost of $69.93(N11,583) each from the secret website and sold each at the rate of N35,000.  If you do the calculation, you will see that I made N23,461 on each laptop, that is over N200,000 within a month, from laptop alone. 

What do you need to start mini import business

These are what you need to start the import business with:

Internet Connection:  Since you will be importing your items on the internet, you will need internet connection either with a computer or your smart phone that can effectively connect to the internet.

ATM Card:  You will use any of your bank ATM cards to make payment on the website.

Start Up Capital: You can start up with as little asN6,500 as I did.

Valid Address: It will be delivered to your doorstep if you have a valid address that can be traced by courier company such as DHL, China Post air mail, EMS.  The address might not necessarily be your home address, it can be your school, church or even post office close to your place.  They will call you with the phone number you provided during registration on the website, they will then deliver it to you.

How can I start This importation Business
To start importing from this website, you will register on the website as a member free of charge.  There is no country restriction on this website, so you can register as a Nigerian. When you register, then simply search for the product you want to import by typing the name of the product.  This is like the way you search items in google or yahoo or people in facebook. So many items will appear and then you select the one you wish to buy.

How safe is my money on this Website?
Very safe!, this is because the website uses ESCROW system. This is a system whereby your money is kept with the website owner until you receive your goods and confirm to the website that you have received the goods, before your money is released to them.  If you pay for any goods and you did not receive it, just login to your account and send them a message of complain, your money will be refunded to your account.

Is there any custom Duties to be charged?
Since you are not importing illegal goods, customs will not stop your items, concerning custom charges, there are two things I do which you will find in myebook.

This information is in an ebook.  Ebook means electronic book, it is a pdf file that can be read online and offline, once you have an email address then you can read it.
Here Are Some of The Things You Will LEARN From THIS E-BOOK
·         Importing from China.
·         Major Website you can import things cheaply.
·         How you can ship your goods to Nigeria free of charge.

·         Ways to avoid been scammed.
·         Step by Step on how to import your goods.
·         Major items to import into Nigeria. 
·        How to build list of buyers who will always buy from you. 

·         How to handle Custom Duties?

After reading this ebook you will need no extra information to get started.  If you still need more information call me on 08183766530.

How Much is this Ebook?

Originally, the ebook cost N5000.  But if you order before 2nd July 2014, you can pay just 3000.  Anything from 3rd July 2014, it will go back to N5000.  With just N3,000, you can get access to this wonderful guide and make profit by applying all that is written inside it.

Here is how to make payment for the MINI IMPORTATION GUIDE:
STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of =N=3,000  into any of the banks below. The account details are:

Bank - Diamond Bank
Account Name – Nicefield International School
Account Number-0037061008
Bank - First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Account Name – Nyekazi Omezurike
Account Number -0047933234

STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email  with the subject " PAYMENT FOR MY MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS GUIDE". In the mail, specify your;
1. PHONE NUMBER (very important),

Nyekazi Omezurike

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