Friday, 19 May 2017

Information, Marketing & Residual Income:

Information, Marketing & Residual Income:


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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Make Money Online Posting on Forums

Forum posting is an easy way to make money from the convenience of your home. As you may have noticed, many forums are dead without someone posting, liking, or commenting. However you may have also seen forums that are full of life with chat rooms, commenting, networking, and much more. If you enjoy socializing with great grammar skills, this may be ideal for you.

How to Start

To get started you will only need a computer with a good internet connection. Don’t worry, no fees are required to register. As a member, you will begin setting up your profile with some basic details and/or a photo. You can request to add friends and start viewing their posts as well. After connecting with friends in the forum they will start viewing your activity too. By these small friendly, fun activities you easily make make some extra cash for bills or what you need.

There are several companies that will pay you to post, like, and comment on forums. I highly recommend registering with more than one site to maximize your earning potential.

Where to Find Forum Posting jobs

1.   Paid Forum Posting– Paid Forum Posting is a company that specializes in creating content for websites. They have been around since 2005, and offers forum posting jobs for members around the globe. The company offers article writing, blog commenting, and forum moderation packages as well to complement the forum posting, to ensure that they have complete and well-rounded content creation service available.

2.   PostLoop – Postloop is also a forum posting site.  Members can earn from posting on forums and blogs. Postloop is also great for forums owners who want to get more visitors to their new blog or forum community. To get accepted, you must submit 5 sample posts which is needed to make sure you will post It is very possible to earn daily on this site, you will only need $5 (equivalent to 100 points) to cashout via Paypal. Open Worldwide.

3.   Professional Forum Posters – This site is another way to make money  posting on forums. The pay is around $0.25 per post You will be paid .25 cents per post and can cash out once you have $10 in your account.

4.   Pay Per Post Forum – Get paid for posting messages and writing articles. The payment is $0.05 per post and $.20 per original article. You can cash out at just $5.

5.   Kick Start Your Forums – Great form posting site for extra cash. Members are paid between .15 and .20 cents per post.

6.   We Love Forums – Members are paid to comment, like and post on forums. You can make around $0.10 to .25 per forum post. Pay is via paypal.

7.   Forums First – As a beginner you have to submit five trial posts before being accepted as a writer. The rate of pay is not listed on their official site.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Join a Global NGO? What are the Benefits and Rewards of joining This Global NGO?

You are cordially invited to join this Global NGO ( Non-governmental Organization ) that is providing humanitarian services to the less privileged in the society and empowering the members. Become a member of this global NGO and enjoy the rewards and benefits of being a member. 

Take the Opportunity – Join this global NGO! 
Tired of waiting to be given an opportunity? 
Then get up and take on a challenge yourself! 
Are you a proactive person who enjoy working in your own way while still wanting to be part of a great team? 
Does helping others make you feel complete? 

Then you should join our global NGO, a team of international NGO who are working on providing humanitarian services to the world, basically. 

Do you have a business idea you want to finance? You get interest FREE loan without collateral.
Are you interested in owning your own house? 
You get housing Finance for your own home Maybe you’re more of a strategist and visionary?
Or perhaps you want to learn a new skill or finance children education? 
Or you want to drive a brand new car? 
Or you just want to earn extra income monthly in dollar? 

Whatever it may be, we offer you a wide range of services, benefits, rewards and opportunities.

How can you become a member? You can become a member with a token donation of N6,600 as your registration. Whether you are a professional, Entrepreneur, business owner, Worker, Job Seekers, Aspiring to be an entrepreneur, whatever your field of Endeavour, join this global NGO NOW! Become a member of this global NGO and enjoy the rewards and benefits of being a member. 

Curious and interested? Great! Simply give the following details information.

Full Name........................................
Telephone Number.............................. 
Town where you are based................... 
Local Council of your base...................
State of your base............................ 

Join this global NGO NOW! We have members nationwide in Nigeria and globally. You cam also join our Whatsapp Group.

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